The 2020 Colorado Run for the Fallen...

The 2020 Run will take place September 11-13.   The format will be as follows...

  • Day 1 – September 11 Friday - Fort Carson, Colorado Springs Opening Ceremonies 7 AM to Air Force Academy  3PM End of Day Ceremony with Flag Presentation and Calling of the Fallen 9/11
  • Day 2 – September 12 Saturday -Air Force Academy Opening Ceremonies 7AM to Castle Rock (Fire Station 152) Arrival TBD with End of Day Ceremonies
  • Day 3 - September 13 Sunday - Castle Rock (Fire Station 152) Opening Ceremonies at 7AM to Fort Logan National Cemetery - Arrival Time Last Hero Marker at Visitor Center 2:15PM and Gold Star Walk/Final Mile to Shelter B
  • Closing Ceremonies 3:00PM- Flag Presentation and Tolling of the Honor Bell
  • Post Run gathering TBD

TIMES ARE ETA, Please check back for any updates.

Once updated, you will be able to access the route here - please check back.

One Team - One Mission - One Tribute...

Each leg of the Run is dedicated to individual Colorado Fallen Heroes and the Core Run Team will stop at every Hero Marker, calling off the names of the corresponding Fallen Hero presenting a set of small Honor and Remember and US Flags carried on the run to the waiting family members, friends and comrades.  The intent is to create a 100 mile Tribute Trail through Colorado.

Public Safety Officials - We have incorporated our newest Honor and Sacrifice Flag for fallen first responders. If you are in the law enforcement or EMT community please consider joining us and carrying this new tribute in honor of your bretheran. We will be honoring specific Fallen Law Enforcement at designated Hero Marker locations along the Tribute Trail.

Caution: each Hero Marker is placed approximately one mile apart. Some placements may not be along road conditions that are conducive to safely standing on the side of the highway. Please use wise judgement when waiting for the runners to arrive, safety for all is our number one concern. You may want to consider standing at another marker in a safer location. 


Hero Markers...

The end of each mile during the run is designated as a Hero Marker and each is assigned to individual of our Colorado Heroes.   A couple of days prior to the actual run each of these Hero Marker locations will be marked by placement of that particular Hero Marker Card at the designated spot on the road shoulder containing the HM number, name, and date and time as well.

Please click on route day maps for the location map for each Hero Marker to find expected arrival time of the Main Group and other pertinent details.

Question...can a family member, friend or comrade run with the Core Team for their mile?

Answer - yes - but most importantly - they must be capable of keeping pace with our team members - in practice that means that you should be capable of running that mile in 8 1/2 minutes!!!
Also - please remember that whoever is running that mile must make their own way to the preceding HM in time to join in with our team.   So - if your HM is for example 116 then you should be at 115 to join our Team to run your mile.   The planned arrival dates/times at each Hero Marker will be available here well in advance of the Run, as will maps for each location.

Also - there are many other opportunities to participate by being a part of the beginning and end of each day or by meeting at the last mile in at the end of each day or End of Day Ceremonies at Fire Station 152 in Castle Rock on September 14 or at the finish on September 15 at Fort Logan National Cemetery