If you are planning to be at your loved one's marker here are a few things to know or do:

  1. Spreadsheet Containing Names provided soon.
  2. Locate your hero on the spreadsheet.
  3. Click on Link to locate Mile Marker.
  4. Google Maps will open and allow you to get driving directions to you hero's marker.
  5. Call us if you need further directions the day before or morning of to let us coordinate with you
  6. We are following a specific route based upon the map route however timing may vary throughout the day (moving at approximately 5mph, the times posted are approximate, please plan to arrive at your Hero Marker early).

Q: What is the Colorado Run for the Fallen?
A: Colorado Run for the Fallen is a statewide relay foot run in tribute to every Colorado military service member who has died while serving or as a result of serving during the War on Terror, since the attack on the USS Cole, October 12, 2000 . Running in excess of 100 miles over 3 days for close to 400 names. Beginning on 9/10/2021.

Q: How does the Run work?
A: A core team of marathon/distance/ultra  runners, along with support crew running a specific timed schedule, will stop at approximate one-mile intervals at pre-placed markers and speak out loud the name of each fallen service member associated with that Hero Marker. Family members, friends of the Fallen and patriots will be waiting at their marker to meet the runners and hear each name called out in a short ceremony.  Each ceremonial stop will be but a few moments as runners then carry on to the next Hero Marker.  At the end of each day a longer End of Day Ceremony will enable all attending to call out their Fallen Hero's Name and to visit in felowship with the Core Run Team, Crew and Gold Star Community.

Q: What support are you looking for?
A: As you can expect our needs are many and varied. Support is needed both locally and nationally, volunteer as well as financial. We need commitments from core runners, support crew, law enforcement, sponsors, organizations, media and individual communities. VOLUNTEER FORM

Q: What Heroes are being honored along this tribute trail?
A: Our focus for this event is the War on Terror. We have identified state service members who have died while serving or as a result of serving during this period.  Criteria includes all service members regardless of cause of death. In addition, for every family attending each end of day ceremony we will also read the names of their family's loved one regardless of generation. (This will enable the tribute of every fallen name possible)

Q: Is this tribute primarily for those who died in action?
A: No, The Honor and Remember Organization and Flag recognizes all military who died while serving or as a result of serving regardless of circumstance. Subsequently our Run for the Fallen events honor all of those service members who served and died whether in battle or due to the overwhelming emotional scars of serving.

Q: How do I search to see if my Fallen Hero is being honored?
A: Every fallen service member since October 12, 2000 should be listed in our database. Click on FIND A HERO on our home page to search for your friend or loved one. Should you need to make a correction or add your Hero, please email

Q: My Hero did not die during the period of the War on Terror (WOT), will they still be honored?
A: Although Run for the Fallen is focused on the time period from October 12, 2000 forward we have in place many opportunities to honor your loved one. WOT hero markers will be placed at each mile along the route. Gold Star Families are welcomed and encouraged to request a location that meets their needs. Each evening there will be an End of Day Ceremony, any family member or friend who attends any of our end of day events, regardless of generation, can call aloud or have their loved one’s name read. Look over our route and determine where you possibly could attend and let us know. We are dedicated to include every fallen service member possible depending on family availability.

Q: What if the Hero's information is missing or inaccurate?
A: If you find any errors in the listed information please send an email to or you may click on the FIND A HERO link and fill in the ADD A HERO section with updates.

Q: What if I can't find my Hero on the Run for the Fallen search?
A: When you do a search to FIND A HERO and they are not identified there will be a link titled "ADD A HERO ". Please fill out all required information and once we verify, they will be added to the run according to their date of death. While we have an extensive list of service members there may be many that we have missed. We need to hear from you if you cannot find your loved one along the route.

Q: Can a family member, friend, or comrade run with the core team for their mile?
A: Yes, but most importantly, they must be capable of keeping pace with our team members. In practice that means that you should be capable of running that mile in 8-9 minutes. Please remember that whoever is running that mile must get their own transportation to the preceding Hero Marker in time to join in with our team. So - if your HM is for example 116 then you should be at 115 to join our Team to run your mile. The planned arrival dates/times at each Marker will be available on our maps well in advance of the Run for each location.

Q: How do I meet the runners at my loved one's marker?
A: First, search for your loved one's name on the CO Fallen Heroes spreadsheet (coming soon) to find which Hero Marker they are assigned to mile along the route. There will be a link posted that will connect to Google Maps along with a eta for the Run Team. Second, let us know that you'll be there by filling out the volunteer form. Be sure to select "Stand At a Hero Marker" on the volunteer form.

Q: Can I stand and wait for the Run Team to arrive at my Hero's Marker?
A: We encourage ALL family members and friends to be at their loved one's marker if at all possible. Please bring photos, posters, banners, Honor and Remember Flags or whatever personal tribute you would like to visually make. We realize that there may be some great distance for some to travel. If you cannot attend, please send someone in your place or select another hero along the route closest to you to stand for. Each ceremonial stop will be less than 1 minute as runners then run toward next marker. Also please join us at each end of day ceremony so we can be sure to call your loved one's name and honor you as well.

Caution: each Hero Marker is placed approximately one mile apart. Some placements may not be along road conditions that are conducive to safely parking or standing on the side of the highway. Please use wise judgement when waiting for the runners to arrive, safety for all is our number one concern. You may want to consider standing at another marker close by in a safer location and letting us know where you may be waiting..

Q: How do I physically find My Hero's Marker?
A: Hero Markers may or may not be placed the morning of each day. If placed they will be at approximately 1 mile increments for the number of total miles being covered that day.
If your marker number is a specific mile on a specific day it can be found based on our daily start location. Markers could be found on road signs, light poles, staked on the ground or logical places they can be spotted easily.

Q: What will the Hero Marker Look Like?
A: If Markers are placed that day, they will be printed in color and laminated on an 8 1/2" x 11" full sheet.

Q: When Should I arrive at my Hero's Marker?
A: Each mile is specifically timed. The team is running a pace of between 8-10 minutes between each.  Depending on road conditions whether rain or shine, they could be on time or behind.  We will place an approximate timetable on each map and suggest you arrive 30-60 minutes ahead of schedule. During the day-of you will be able to see a gps tracking of our progress to time your arrival more accurately. You may also contact us day-of so that we can update you on our progress. Each ceremonial stop will be less than 1 minute as runners then continue toward next marker. or call 480-495-4668

Q: I cant make it to our marker but would still like to participate.
A: Due to time and distance restraints we know you may not be available to directly participate at your specific marker. However, we would encourage you to send friends or relatives to yours and you could stand for another family in a location that may be closer in proximity to your home state.

Also - there are many other opportunities to participate by being a part of the beginning ceremony or at the end of each day or by concluding with us inside Arlington Cemetery, Section 60.

Q: Can my Hero's marker be moved to another location?
A: Virginia's Run for the Fallen is a state run to include every fallen service member since the USS Cole. Unfortunately because of the extensive number of lives lost it was impossible to locate every marker near a hometown or family residence. However if you determine that there may be a more convenient location to you please let us know and we will work to accommodate.

We realize that some families may not be able to attend their marker. In this regard we can offer several options;

  1. If you can be at your marker with us great, we are working to include a live component to the run so that you can follow us honor your hero live online.
  2. If you cannot attend, please send a relative or a friend to be there, maybe even another GS family. You could in turn be at their marker somewhere closer. Also there will be a ceremony at the end of each day you could attend.
  3. If you cannot attend there is still an opportunity we can honor your hero with you on a particular day closer to you. Let us know the best day and place and our end of day ceremony will include all those whose families are present. Contact us and provide the best location for you along the route so we can plan on your loved for that end of day. We hope to see you somewhere along the route. If you can assist in any way please let us know.

Q: Are there other ways I get involved?
A: There are many ways to help us fulfill this mission and as you can expect our needs are many and varied. Support is needed both locally and nationally, volunteer as well as financial. We need commitments from runners, support crew, law enforcement, sponsors, organizations, media and individual communities. One immediate way to help is to participate with us or get others to participate virtually. Click on this link to find out more. VIRTUAL RUN NOW also please fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM in the links above or contact us at or for record changes write to